Playing Penny Slots

How does it look to other when your only playing penny slots? Well lately this is what most casinos online and off have to offer. Dollar machines scare users so when they see machines for a penny they think that they are not betting as much but really players can spend more on the penny slots verses the dollar machines.

When you bet a dollar machine that has 9 lines you know quickly it is going to cost you 9 dollars per spin. On the penny slots they will give you credits amounts for wagers, so if your wagering 400 credits that is 4 dollars and so on. Players do not seem to realize just how much they are betting when playing the penny slots so most casinos do offer a lot of these games. The online casinos actually will give the option to see coins instead of credits and it is wise to change that option to coins so you have a good idea of what you are wagering instead of just going what happened to all my money.

Forget the free slot machines with 3 reels. They’ve become outdated and are hardly visible nowadays. One can however see the penny slot machines as they are staging their return in a big way. After exhausting every trick in the book, it seems that the owners of casinos have realized that penny slots are their best bet.