Playing Penny Slots

Does playing penny slots make you look cheap?

Though it might look cheap playing on penny slots machines, the fact that these machines are here is in itself a pointer to its success. The name penny slots come from the fact that one needs one penny to play per spin. The past few years have witnessed introduction of various new machines that can gobble up to $10 per spin.

Forget the free slot machines with 3 reels. They’ve become outdated and are hardly visible nowadays. One can however see the penny slot machines as they are staging their return in a big way. After exhausting every trick in the book, it seems that the owners of casinos have realized that penny slots are their best bet.

One Cent Penny Slots

Luring people with penny slots. Casino owners are a shrewd lot of people. They know that online penny slots are one of the biggest revenue earners. What if the amount sucked in the slot machine is a meager one-cent per spin? Every drop adds to the ocean. They know that there are certain types of people who will never play 50-cent slots even once. These same people will not mind playing penny slots for 200 times. Call it psychology or whatever; these people are guided by some strange mentality and not by mathematics.

They keep on playing these online penny slots without even noticing how much they have invested. In a few minutes they have invested over a few dollars in these slot machines. Even then, they do not realize and keep on playing, one cent has no value for them. This is the beauty of psychology and this is exactly what the owners of online casinos are targeting at. The casino owners do know these facts and they are banking upon them when they have installed the penny slots.

Play Free Penny Slots

Microgaming casinos have the best selection of online penny slots games. Meaning you can wager as low as one penny per line. There is a number of online casinos giving away free slots play promotions which can be used to play penny slots. Playing the “Free Play” bonus has a time limit so wagering only one penny per slots line will take forever to get through your promotion and you will probably not win, however several online casinos give cash bonuses to play free penny slots at your leisure.

Online penny slots games are within the video slot games. Usually having free spins and bonus rounds or commonly known as “bonus features” where you are awarded credits without wagering. Some of these are quite graphical and interactive. If you would like to check out the penny slots we suggest you visit Microgaming casinos online and download a casino software. Flash versions of the casino games are limited on the amount of slot machines and they do not have the latest games.